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“A visit to the cemetery…cats?”


“A visit to the cemetery…cats?”
Last Friday 5th October, a group of Bilingual students and some other pals from 4ESO and their Catholic Religion Teacher were shown the local Cemetery of “Los Remedios”.
All saints Day had come and we had previously learned in class about vocabulary in English referring to symbology in art, decorative styles,some local history… Guess what? Our teacher David made us take a quiz during the visit, now we will have to check it back at school.
The previous night was  windy and stormy so we were worried about our visit being cancelled; We had been expecting it since last year. But that morning was sunny and really spring-like. In fact we had time to go for a quick search down in Cartagena in order to have some baked chestnuts for lunch and it was hot at midday .
We visited Art deco graves, Gothic revival chapels, Neo-romantic mausoleums… We learned about poems by people buried at that cemetery, pieces of novels that talked about life and death, even a premonition of Isaac Peral’s submarine through Jules Verne’s novels!
But there was something the teachers hadn’t prepared us for; Cemetery cats! They were all around, cuddly, clean, cared… and they loved to be stroked. We thought they were souls that greeted us for our visit so we decided not to take any home (I don’t think David would have agreed though)
We learned a lot of vocabulary but it was mainly a day to learn that we share too many thing as to be opposed, no matter if we are Muslin, Christian or Atheists.
We all need a place to rest after our struggle in this world. For “everything will pass as advisory shadows do”
By  Chris, Iman, Sara, Samea, Ibtessam, Omar, Jose Carlos.
4º ESO Bilingüe